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Jan 14, 2022

Four years ago, HFPA Austrian member, Elisabeth Sereda, sat down with
Golden Globe and Cecil B. DeMille award winner Steven Spielberg for our
first podcast in celebration of our 75th anniversary.
Last month, Spielberg celebrated his own 75 th birthday and that felt like a
great time to rewind and revisit this fascinating 2018 conversation from the
man behind work including: Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981); E.T. the
Extra-Terrestrial (1982); The Color Purple (1985); Jurassic Park
(1993); Lincoln (2012) and The Post (2017). Listen in as Spielberg takes us
through his life and career from his youth, when he first realized he wanted
to be a director, to reveal how a tour at Universal Studios changed his path,
why Jaws (1975) almost ruined his career, which movies challenged him
most and why history is so important to him.